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Goodbye-Art Academy is an art education platform that offers a library of high-quality instructional videos to educators and students everywhere, for FREE.

We believe that arts education is not just about having art skills, but also integral to gaining life skills such as creative problem solving, idea generating, and innovating. These skills are the currency of the 21st century. Our mission is to empower students to explore how art affects them personally, so they can connect more deeply to their talents, their passion, and their tools for life.


Our creative partnership with The National Art Education Association (NAEA) is formed to further our mutual goal to advance visual arts education by creating interesting and valuable content that teachers and students will find inspirational and educational.

For Educators Tired of spending so much time searching for supplemental materials? Goodbye-Art Academy is your central resource for quality, engaging instructional videos that supplement and reinforce your teaching. Our goal isn’t to standardize, but individualize teaching. Therefore, we do NOT provide lesson plans. Instead, we provide instructional videos that enhance your ability to teach in a way that best fits your students’ needs and stimulates an active learning environment. Whether you are classroom teacher, homeschool teacher or a tutor, the Teacher account allows you to assign videos and keep track of student progress.

For Students Learning the essential skills and concepts of art has never been easier. Through a personalized learning platform, you can review an unfamiliar art concept, or master a new one at your own pace. Goodbye-Art Academy is committed to helping you stretch your capacity by building a solid foundation as well as developing the habits of creativity. Sign up for a student account, and start learning today.