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Phil Hansen
Through his meta-art, videos that document the creation process, Phil has shown millions that art is action, not just result. Many educators have used Phil’s work to encourage students to go beyond what’s seemingly possible. Now at Goodbye-Art Academy, Phil is setting the vision to advance art education by expanding our library of educational videos, and overseeing what best fits the needs of educators and students everywhere.

Besides art education, Phil is also devoted to showing the approaches to creativity that have changed both his outlook and his artistic endeavors. He has been a keynote speaker for a diverse range of groups including TED2013, Adobe, the Nobel Peace Laureates World Summit, and Kimberly-Clark. As a commercial artist, Phil works with a variety of clients that include the Grammy's, Disney, Skype, Mazda and the Rockefeller Foundation. For more, visit philinthecircle.com
Joy Xie
A self-proclaimed introvert with extroverted tendencies, Joy focuses on strategic planning, operations and partnerships. Her finance background and analytical nature makes her feel that the art world is crazy at times, but she has fully embraced it both professionally and personally. As someone who didn’t experience much art growing up, Joy now enjoys exploring her connection with art, and breaking down her creative barriers one day at a time.
Content Specialist
Karin Logerquist
Karin believes that art has an incredible power to invoke curiosity and encourage imaginative thinking. As an artist, she has dabbled in a broad range of art making processes including drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and a variety of sculpture techniques. Her latest obsession has been refinishing furniture and working with fabric. As an educator, Karin is especially drawn to an interdisciplinary approach, connecting art to countless disciplines including language arts, math, science, and technology. She is currently working on getting her Master’s degree in art education. What excites her most about making art education more easily accessible for both teachers and students is that we can begin to see how crucial art is for lifelong learning.
Web Developer
Kellen Parker
Kellen spends much of his time in Taiwan working in web development and graphic design. When not working on coding and development, he's engrossed in linguistics conducting and publishing research in historical Chinese dialectology. Kellen is the co-founder of Phonemica, an organization aimed to crowd-source language documentation and cultural preservation through the medium of storytelling.